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Earlier this year, Wiz Khalifa was arrested over the use of his hoverboard.
While the item has gained mainstream popularity, many believe the toy is used at the wrong time and can become a safety risk. Since then, authorities in cities like London and New York began to ban the use of the two-wheel device.
Today, American Airlines, Delta and United were the latest companies to announce the ban of the hoverboard. No longer allowed on their planes, the two-wheel device is said to be a safety hazard when it comes to people carrying the device on a plane
A lot of money has been made over these devices. If they begin to be banned from many places this will hurt the sales of the product. Only time will tell if this is a seasonal issue or a long-term ban of the product.
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Hahaha I mean that kinda makes sense... I wouldn't want someone on my plane just hovering around. But they should be able to transport them within check bags right?!