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CREDIT: @Emealia
Here's the video of the BTS 'RUN' 3rd Win and sexy dance!
What really happened to Namjoon?! I know nothing of his injury, I mean I was curious from his 2 fingers in a band-aid wrap like thingy, and thought nothing big.
But the fan signing event and the performance today? Almost half of his hand-arm is wrapped.. Wow, I really know nothing. Above all these, let's wish him a quick recovery. SARANGHAE OPPA!
And.. yeah I've also just noticed that Jin also injured his finger, from playing a little too rough with Tae. Be careful!! I also wish you a quick recovery Jin oppa! SARANGHAE! Let's all wish them both to heal quickly together! ♡
Jin and Tae were playing around and Jin got hurt, it's probably just a sprain
They said he casted it to help it heal faster, which means he broke his ring finger. I think he punched something when angry since no one is saying how it happened
omo my poor namjoon....i think eomma has a finger bandaged too.....but on other news congrats bts for your third win for run ^~^
@Emealia yeah, I've watched the video over and over ahi for the win and never have I noticed until you all said so. Wow. I'm just so like.. wow.. 😱
I really love that photo of Namjoonie taking a selca with his cast! it's soo cute!
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