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Judai the Winged Kuriboh It was a warm, breezy night in June and Judai was resting under an old oak tree. He was small like any other Kuriboh with the same long brown fur, green paws, and golden eyes. Judai however was unlike any other Kuriboh in his entire village, maybe even the whole world. He was the only Kuriboh to have ever been born with a pair of snowy white wings and even though they weren't very big they fit him perfectly.  Tonight Judai had come to relax under his favorite tree and stare up at the stars. He did this every night but he felt more inclined to tonight more than any other night before. The stars were glowing beautifully and Judai wouldn't have missed seeing them for the world. Soon Judai became so relaxed that he drifted off to sleep.  A little after midnight a drop of rain woke Judai as it splashed between his eyes. He yawned lazily as he rubbed his eyes and began looking around. The rain was falling slowly and the clouds made the night seem unnaturally dark. Judai was still very tired so he decided to go home and return to his sleep. On his way back he was surprised to see the whole village was brightly lit like a fresh candle. As he continued forward he became horrified to find that his village was actually burning.  Judai rushed into the village as fast as he could looking for anyone that he might know. As he turned the corner to his house he spotted the Lord of Dragons. He wore dragons bone armor with a long dark cape and was a master sorcerer.  Apparently he had come to seize the village for the Dark World. Beside him was a large Red Eyes Black Dragon and a horde of its chicks. Behind them was the rest of the Kuriboh locked in a cage which appeared to be made of the bones of a mammoth. Judai was just a small Kuriboh but he had the heart of a lion and wouldn't just let this happen. He charged at the Lord of Dragons but was shot down by the Red Eyes Black Dragon   Judai was filled with so much desire to help the others that his rage began blazing inside of him. His wings grew much larger and huge red armor covered the small Winged Kuriboh. The once small claws he has were now as big as his actual body and he now had the power to save his village. The Red Eyes Black Dragon screeched and some of its chicks began to attack. Judai made quick work of them tearing from one to another. When he finished he turned and faced the Lord of Dragons.  The Lord of dragons grabbed his large dragon flute and played one deep note that screeched throughout the village. Judai and the other Kuriboh covered their ears from the terrible noise. The chicks began to grow and their mother transformed into a Red Eyes Darkness Dragon. Now the odds were once again stacked against Judai but he had no choice other than to fight until the bitter end. He ripped through the dragons with incredible speed and finally reached the Lord of dragons. Then Judai tore right through him with a single swipe of his claws.  Wounded and on his last leg the Lord of Dragons played his flute one final time before he died on the cold, damp ground. The Red Eyes Darkness Dragon began to screech and thrash about before it transformed once again into the dreaded Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. It shot a giant blast of purple energy into the air and the storm began to grow as a vortex to the Dark World opened in the sky. Hundreds of dragons poured out of the vortex and surrounded Judai. They all shot blast of fire and Judai fell to the ground where his armor shattered.  The dragons returned to burning down the village and Judai struggled to get off the ground. By now he was extremely angry and would give anything to save everyone. The Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon spotted Judai and shot a blast of purple energy at him. Judai was surrounded by a a great white light that absorbed the dragons blast. His wings once again grew even larger and new golden armor covered his body. It was as if a golden dragon surrounded him surrendering its energy to the little Kuriboh caught within it. Judai turned to the other Kuriboh as the dragons came in for their final attack and a single tear fell to the ground, hidden by the rain  Judai began to glow brighter and brighter as the dragons drew nearer. Eventually the light became so bright that it swallowed the entire village. When it faded Judai and the dragons had vanished from sight. All trace of the terror that night had faded with the rise of the sun breaking through the last of the clouds. The Kuriboh were once again free and the only trace of Judai was a single white feather. One week later Judai had been spotted passed out under his favorite old oak tree. His golden armor was badly damaged and a group of Kuriboh went to retrieve him. Upon his return he was hospitalized by a local fairy named Lilly. When he awoke his golden armor began to fade into a dim light and his wings returned to their normal size. The village celebrated his recovery and from that day until this those from the Dark World has never returned.   The End
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@mymi it's all good, if you ever wanna try give me a shout XP I made it my goal to help anyone and everyone. so let me know if you ever need anything even if it's just a buddy to talk to.
AHHH so cool! awesome story @MichaelOgg XD
@nicolejb not many out there of winged kuriboh rocking alone XP
I mean he seems pretty rare @MichaelOgg we must support him!
I used him in all my decks lol I even had the winking ones XP