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For this part you won't need to pick anything til the end.
I'll start part 3 now:
You and (B) are walking down the street on your “date”, you are standing as far away from as you can without being to noticeable that your keeping your distance. You guys stop to listen to a street performer sing a ballad and playing the guitar. It's a song you never heard before, but you liked it. (B) leaves a tip for the performer and waves goodbye. How sweet you think. While you are walking you realize you are walking closer than you were before. Keep your distance you remind yourself.
“I won't bite, you don't have to walk so far away.” (B) says. Shoot he noticed.
“O-Oh okay.” You say awkwardly and move a little bit closer. He starts asking you questions about yourself and telling you about himself. You keep your answers short while his are long and detailed. “I love listening to music.” You answer on what you like to do.
“Perfect” He mumbles and smirks. You wonder what that was about. “Hey I want to show you something.” He grabs one of your wrists and pulls you.
“Where are we going?” You ask shocked and try to pull away a little but he tighten his grip.
“It's a surprise!” You've those words before. Not even a minute later you are standing on a pedestrian bridge. Oh no you have a bad feeling about this. Why would you go on a “date” with someone you don't even know. You start regretting your decisions. He swings his arm around the one that is holding your wrist and lets go. You go stumbling to the edge of the bridge. You lose your balance and slip over the edge. You manage to grab a ledge with one hand. (B) comes over and looks down at you with an evil grin. His once shining eyes are now deep empty holes. He crouches down and smiles at you “Don't you know it's not right to cheat?”. Your eyes widen as he pushes your hand off the ledge and you are falling towards the rocky river beneath you...
“Y/N? Hello?” Someone is waving their hand in front of your eyes. You glance up and see (B) and jump back. “Are you alright? You don't look so good?”
“Hu-huh...oh... yeah I'm fine. Sorry I zoned out for a minute. What did you say?”
“I asked what you like to do in your free time? Are you sure you're okay? I can take you home if you tell me where it is?” You really didn't want to tell him where you lived but you did not feel well at all, so you gave in and told him. He walked you to his car and drove you to your house. “Here take this just in case you need anything you can call me.” He handed you a slip of paper with a phone number on it.
“Thanks.. I will. Thank you for today I had fun. Sorry I cut it short.” You put the paper in your pocket and got out.
“Rest up and eat something.” (B) waved and pulled away from the curb once you were inside.
You watched him pull away from your house and then went and sat on the couch. It was just a daydream. But it seemed so real. Soon you fell asleep thinking back on what you did today.
Yay you survived the Joker round :)
Pick a landscape to find out what type of ending you will have. I will write each ending in a different card so don't forget to put what you picked in the comments so I can tag you in the correct final card :)
(Hint: one is a happy ending, one is a sad ending, and one is a crazy ending so choose wisely)
This was really a joker round I was like omo!! Daehyun how could you do that lol but I love this one and I choose the second landscape
ahh #3!
@destiny1419 Can't wait... >. <
@KokoroNoTakara It will be up tomorrow I have to type up 3 endings so it's going to take a little while to get it posted
@destiny1419 Please have the next one up ASAP
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