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last night (actually 2am this morning) i finished the drama Kpop Survival/ Kpop The Ultimate Audition, and it was all good until literally the last 10 minutes!!!!!
dnt get me wrong... im happy that Woo Hyun and Seung Yeon ends up together(ish)
but i was sad that these two didnt end up together... or at least thats what it lead me too...
and i am still wondering if they stay as a group with all 8 or not!!!!!
i leave you with the song that i currently got stuck in my head!!!
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@SHINee808 They need to do a special airing of the last two episodes for Netflix or something
2 years ago·Reply
@Emealia i know rite once they do that then i can rest in peace with this drama, until then im dying to know!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
I just hate the fact that they made the plot surrounding the idea that she was really a he, and only 4 would go on in m2 along with Woohyun, but they didn't even address these at all. But for what it was worth, the rest of the drama was really good, it's just one of those that you have to kind of end yourself unfortunately
2 years ago·Reply
@Emealia really?!!?! omg thats so sad :( I'd feel so bad for the actors :/
2 years ago·Reply
@kpopandkimchi I know. When it ended and there were so many unanswered questioned and just a story leave off, I looked into it. It's really not that bad of a kdrama
2 years ago·Reply