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Lol this was not even the original comic I meant to put up. It was supposed to be deadpool explaining the civil war to her and giving her the comic. She wanted to know what happened and Deadpool was conflicted about telling her but he did and she was horrified by everyone's actions and I believe deadpool told her enough reading for the day because she was crying and stuff. Random Deadpool was on her avengers team for a hot min until she some how got forced to the future or past I can't remember. But someone told her to kill deadpool, thus the comic above lol
@shannonl5 heck yea xD
Go squirrel girl xD she doesn't get the love she deserves XP
omg that last image!! I totally agree with you @MichaelOgg she's way more powerful than anyone gives her credit for! Sure she's weird but that's what's awesome about her haha. @OGv6FATE made a card about her a while ago I'll try to find it because she deserves some more appreciation