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I've learned something over the lifetime, some of you that read this
Will also learn as well, I learned that my own mind can be the falter
Of my life and yours can be the reason you don't achieve also
Inspiration has been a great thing to keep around, It's also like
It has became my best friend, I also learned that there is nothing
Wrong in fighting for something that you believe in, Achieving goals
Is one thing, but living in the goal is another class discussion, You
Know for some of you that read this, If you are this person? I want to
Ask you something, Do you strive for yours and push even when you
Run out of gas? If you do, then I'm proud of you. For those who read
And do not strive to be all you want to be? What are you waiting for?
Are you making up excuses to become useless to yourself? Are you
Blaming other people for your setbacks? Are you beating yourself
Over something that happened a long time ago? Are you trapped in
Your past and can not let go?
If you are, then I got one word for you. STOP! All of this, STOP!
It sounds easy, but I understand that it is hard. I been in your
Place before, I've opened doors in my mind and there was nothing
But darkness in the room, I've been afraid to cross that bridge that
I knew could connect myself to an higher intellect, All those times of
Wanting to give up on life and All those times when your own family
And Friends do not want you to shine, I've been there and I've Fought.
See, I fought, But I always thought that fighting can lead you to nowhere,
That's until my back was in a corner and became surrounded by the
Doubts, By the misery, By the lies, By the confusion, I was choosing
To let these things give me no space, I became claustrophobic with
All These negatives surrounding me, So eventually I've became fed
With it and Said to myself "I can not take this anymore." I Ignited my
Fire and put flames on everything that was not in my favor of me,
I then put space in the room and lighting up the torch thats been sitting
There for years, So all I am saying to you is Live Your Life. Do Not!
I repeat! Do Not Choose Mediocrity! Because you're an individual who
Makes their own decision that are critical to your well-being! Do Let The
Outsiders Tell You What To Do! It Should Be You Telling Them To Get
Up And Live! You Can Reach This Stage Of Life! It's All You Baby!
Find Your Reason Why To Live A Life That You Will Enjoy For The
Rest Of Your Days! When You Choose This Lifestyle, There Are No
"Maybe's, But's, Or's, And's, What If's, Should'ves, Would'ves" It's either
Absolute! Or It's Nothing At All! Mediocrity will not land you the life you
Desire! Your Hard-work Will! So what is it going to be? Can your doubts
and fears hold you back? or Can It?
@neetyro007 Thanks bro. You said a mouth full yourself man. That is definitely the reason why I posted this poem
Funny how I've come to this realization myself, but sometimes it takes another person hammering it into my head to get me back on track with that frame of mind. Great post amigo