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wow in some of these the actor looks more like them than the model
@LAVONYORK, I meant to answer this days ago and I completely forgot. I've been soooo tired and busy and completely out of it all. I can tell you for a fact that it's NOT the actress from Z Nation. The body model for Lana is actually a very good friend of mine. Her name is Kynyetta. We grew up together in a very small town in Alabama. (There are about 70,000 people in the "city" where we went to school, but where we actually lived, about 20 minutes away, there are less than 2000 people in the entire town.) We were on the same cheerleading squad and gymnastics and dance teams. We went to church together, too. Her brother and I went out a time or two. (Dude taught me that drummers are Nuts. For sure. lol) I am Sooo SUPER proud of and for her! She is a insanely gorgeous woman, but, I am proud to inform you: She is way way WAY more beautiful on the inside! 💜💜💜
Can I just say how much I love Cheryl. I want to meet her model and voice actor. By far my favorite character on the show
The models for Malory and Pam. Omg. I'm dying laughing. I wonder if the Pam model ever gets people telling her she looks like Pam from Archer in real life.
@butterflyblu ask her if she knows Archer's model and tell him I said hi
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