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Little Red Riding Hood Once upon a time on a warm, clear April morning Little Red Riding Hood came strolling into the woods. She was around sixteen with dark brown hair and wore a long crimson red hood. The breeze blew through the trees, cooling Little Red on her way to her grandmothers.   After an hour or so of walking Little Red became tired and stopped to rest under an apple tree. One of the apples fell from a branch right into her lap. She polished the bright red apple on her shirt and took a bite. It was surprisingly very juicy and ridiculously sweet. When she finished she slowly nodded off.   She was asleep for quite a while when a sudden rustling from the bushes woke her. Little Red jumped to her feet gripping her basket tightly. A pair of bright yellow eyes glared at her through the leaves and branches of the trees. She looked up and down the path before glancing back at the trees, but the glaring eyes were gone.   "Hello," a voice bellowed from behind her. Little Red reluctantly turned to see the same glaring yellow eyes. A tall black and gray timber wolf crept out from the brush and walked towards her. "Where you headed Red?" He sniffed around and continued, "and with a basket of goodies no less."   "T-To my grandmothers," Little Red stuttered.   "Oh," the wolf chuckled, his mouth dampened with hunger. "Need some company?" He lunged at Little Red so she swiftly kicked between the wolfs legs. A bolt of lightning struck and it began to downpour. The wolf quickly fled back into the woods leaving Little Red all alone and in the rain.   Little Red stood there silently for a few moments before continuing down the path. Fearful of the wolfs return she kept glancing back and into the woods. The farther she walked the more relaxed she became until she heard a noise from the woods. Little Red once again gripped her basket tightly and again the noise came. This time she couldn't help but go investigate. As she moved through the brush she spotted a young red fox caught in a trap. He spotted her as well and said, "Oh, hey."   "Hello," Little Red replied.   "My name's Kit," he said, " It's nice to see someone else out here." He took a step forward and tripped over the cord that bound him to a tree. As he sat up he began to laugh and said, "Oh yea," he chuckled, "I'm still trapped. You mind giving me a hand?"   "Not at all," Little Red replied, "but how did you end up like this?"   "Hunters," Kit sighed, " Looks like someone can't wait for hunting season." He began to laugh again and all Little Red could do was stare at him, confused by his laughter. "So can you untie this thing for me? I'm not very good with knots."   "Sure," she replied still stunned by his good humor, "If you don't mind me asking, how can you laugh when you're caught in a hunters trap?   "Me?" Kit glanced at the trap and then back to Little Red. "I have no idea," he chuckled, " but why get mad when you can just laugh? Little Red smiled and began to untie the trap and kit was soon released. "Thanks for the help, but why help a fox like me?"   "Why not," Little Red giggled, " At least you're not like that crazy old wolf."   "You ran into the wolf?" Kit cried.   "Yea, he tried to gobble me up but I was too much for him."   "Well it's nice to meet you, um..."   "My name's Rose but my friends call me Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red for short."   "Little Red huh, it's a pleasure to meet you."   "The pleasure is all mine."   "So what brings you to the woods Little Red?"   "I'm bringing a basket of goodies to my grandma. Actually I should probably get a move in or she'll be worried."   "Well we better get a move on, can't keep your grandma waiting, right?"   "Right." Little Red and Kit continued down the path together and finally reached Grandma's house. The rain was still pouring down and the house rested there, in the dark of the storm. Kit began sniffing around looking back and forth. "What is it Kit?"   "The wolf!" Kit was now frantically looking around for any sign of the wolf. "You go on inside, I'll meet up with you in a bit." He ran back into the woods and out of sight. Little Red cold, wet, and frightened waited a moment, looked around, and went inside.   "Grandma!" she called as she closed the door behind her. " Are you here?"   "Yes dear," a scruff voice called back from a far room. "Come on in and see your old grandma." Little Red crept slowly into a dark room lit only by a single candle beside the bed. "Come closer dear, I wont bite."   "C-Coming Grandma," Little Red stuttered as she came to rest beside her grandmothers bed. "Grandma, what big eyes you have!" she exclaimed.   "All the better to see you with."   "Grandma, what big hands you have!"   "All the better to hold you with."   "Grandma, what big teeth you have."   "All the better to eat you with!" Out of the bed jumped the wolf ready to feast. Little Red dropped her basket and began running throughout her grandmothers house with the wolf close behind. "Stop Running" the wolf roared. Little Red made a break for the door but was cut off by the wolf. "Any last words Red? A tear rolled down her cheek as the wolf lifted her into the air by her shirt and began to laugh.   As her tears hit the floor she began to speak.  "Why get mad when you can just laugh?"   "Exactly" a voice called as if from nowhere. The wolf looked around until he found Kit crouched down behind him. "Surprise," he shouted as he kicked the wolf hard between the legs. Another bolt of lightning struck and the wolf dropped Little Red to the floor. Kit tackled the wolf and began binding him with the wire from the trap. He tied the wolf tight and shoved a large red apple into the wolfs mouth.   "I thought you weren't good with knots," Little Red questioned as she rose to her feet.   "I'm a quick learner," Kit chuckled. "So where's Grandma?" Kit's ears began to twitch and before Little Red could speak he yelled, "Found her!" He ran to a closet door, opened it, and out spilled Grandma. Little Red ran over to help untie here and help her to her feet.   "So what do we do with him?" Little Red asked pointing at the wolf.   "Barbaque?" Kit grinned. The storm quelled and the wolf was never seen again
@nicolejb there will be more in the way lol I have dozens of skeletons started from way back XP
ohhhhh I love your fairy-tale twists!! :)
@shannonl5 Yea it's pretty out there lol I made loads of remakes to old fairy tales XP Just the slight darkness at the end with the wolf (i just meant it as a way to scare the wolf off) and especially in that taken story.
@shannonl5 any time lol looking back i can't believe I didn't get in trouble for turning some of these in as homework for my creative writing class XP
Love this! Thank you for the tag ^_^
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