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I saw this a while ago and I had to think this was very true in my case. I was introduced to anime through friends about three years back, though while I didn't dislike it, I didn't get into it right away. I had been going through some really shitty family circumstances at that time and ended up leaving home and living on my own while I was still just 17. A year and a half later the guy I had been dating for three years and was currently living with decided to break up with me. Needless to say I was pretty depressed. That's when I really started to watch anime. A friend of mine was really into naruto, so I started watching it. once I had caught up in that I began looking for other anime's, and I was led to clannad. now I don't know if you've seen clannad, but I didn't know sadness until I watched that show. In the end anime made me laugh and feel happy in a time when there wasn't a whole lot of happiness in my life, it legitimately saved me.
Anime does that.
Anime is a way of life, I know it changed mine 馃槍馃挌
Helps forget about your own problems. Also helps me become a better person
I've seen some anime I makes you cry and laugh watching them grow up or your favorite character dying for plot aka itachi馃槩
totally saved mine