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A New Kind of Angel (Prologue) It was an October night when I fell into this world. The time was around 1:47AM and the winds howled as though to frighten me out of the graveyard I found myself in. I thought nothing of it and gazed into the crimson-red moon as a group of small clouds began to engulf it. My attention was diverted from its glow when I heard footsteps approaching to my left. A cloaked figure emerged from the shadows. At first I thought nothing of it and turned back to view the moon as it slowly broke through the clouds. Suddenly a chill raced through my spine sending an unwanted fear throughout my body. I was petrified and I heard the figure as it began to speak in sophisticated, yet snobby tone. "So you're the one? Pity, I was hoping the darkness inside your heart would have been stronger." "What do you want from me?", I asked as he inched ever closer. He said nothing and grabbed my snowy white wing with a surprising strength. The tight squeeze drew blood that came dripping out in a slow rhythmic pattern. His grip got tighter and with a painful pull, he tore off my right wing. I fell to my knees and screamed in agony as blood gushed from my severed wing. Pleading for my life I asked, "What do you want with me?" "So you don't know, do you Michael? We have a some time yet, so why don't we play a game, but first I will restore what I have taken from you." He placed his hand into my wound and the pain was torture. When he pulled it out a new wing began to take shape, but unlike my previous pure white one, this one was as black as a Ravens. " See this world for what it is and learn all you can. You'll need it for the next time we meet. This world is dangerous, so do try to survive until then. Farewell." He then vanished into the shadows from which he emerged. "What do you want from me?", I screamed, but the only response was my lonely echo returning to me. I looked at the now pale white moon as I rose to my feet. Confused, frightened and alone I began to walk down a narrow path that lay before me. Now my journey begins, but I have many question that I need to answer. Who was that man and what does he want from me? Where was I going to go in this new world? If this world is as dangerous as he said do I even have a chance to survive alone? I'll find my answers and make it home because I made a promise to a friend, a long time ago.
@nicolejb I like to write as much as l like to draw lol
@QueenSkitz Yea just wish I didn't lose all the rest of it XP there was an inferno city, an ice cavern maze, assassons, a rebel army and loads more
@SamTheMallow no problem lol I'll try and find my other ones to put on here too XP
Ahhhh so many good creative writing stuff from you this week! XD I love it!
@MichaelOgg that would be cool
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