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1. It is impolite and insulting to leave chopsticks pointing upward at anypoint. 2. It is considered a sign of future misfortune should your chopsticks break during the meal or split unevenly when opened. 3. The proper term for female fans of Yaoi is "Rotten Girl". Recently, the common otaku belief that all girls like BL, has become an area of psychological study. It is impolite to call these fans by their proper category. 4. Refrain from Japanese in settings where it would make others uncomfortable. 5. Help explain japanese menu items to other customers. 6. Pocky is to be shared. 7. Make tea and onigiri when hosting anime binge parties 8. Do NOT touch another otaku's collectibles....ever. 9. Ask permission before touching their manga or DVDs. 10. Ask if someone has seen an episode/ read a manga before discussing it. 11. Senpai noticed you, they are just sick of you being such a needy ass kisser.....take it down a few notches. 12. Keep Yaoi/yuri/furry to yourself. Nobody wants everyone to start discussing hentai genres right? Other fans feel the same way about you. Keep discussions focused on plot, art, etc. 13. Ships are intended to be plausible, fangirling ships that contradict character personality, story, and are driven by sex appeal are considered disrespectful to the many people who worked to create said manga/anime. 14. Otaku is a classification, as are weeaboo, geek, and fan. Know the differences, know where you fall, and own it.
@Kirik the difference between an otaku and a weaboo is as follows: An otaku has a high level of life consuming obsession with video games, manga, and anime. Now it is important to note that they must still be productive in their daily lives, otherwise an otaku who is more focused on video games than anime would be classified as a NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training). A Weaboo has a high level of fascination with Japanese culture. They likely enjoy Japanese food, J-Rock and J-Pop, Japanese customs, and attempt to incorporate Japanese into their everyday language. Essentially these are people that ultimately would trade their own culture for that of Japan's. Hope this helps
@BraydenSaxon, thank you very much!
Nice post! Ok, so I only recently heard the term weaboo but it sounds like an otaku, so in your opinion, what are the differences between those catagories in your last point?
I love this post. All the truths :')