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Sorry about such the late update!!! Writing is really hard and I get stumped really easily lol. Anyways I hope you enjoy :D >PART 1
V checked his breath while standing in front of the dorm. It reeked of soju even after eating a ton of market food he had bought on the way to the dorm. How was he going to explain this? He racked his brain but found nothing so he just decided to tell Jin-eomma the truth. Before he could open the door it swung open revealing his sleepy-eyed hyung, Suga. V was surprised that he was even up at this hour. Suga looked at V with a disgusted look with a dusgusted look and dragged hin inside the dorm. "What the hell happened to you last night?" Suga paused and sniffed. He nodded smelling the soju. "You know Jin's gonna kill you..." V had no doubt that he would. They all knew Jin didn't tolerate any bad behavior, including drinking. They walked up to the second flight to where the kitchen and dining room were. They stopped at the door. It was impossible not to hear Jin on the other side. V bit his tongue, obviously anxious. "He sounds mad." Suga shrugged his shoulders and pushed V inside. He caught himself as he stumbled into the room. When he raised his head he was met with the most mother of BTS, Kim Seokjin. Needless to say he didn't look happy. "Hi..." V said nervously. He could see the struggle in Jin's face as he struggled not to rip the boy to shreds right there. Jin took deep breaths to calm down. V could see that it wasn't working. He looked around the dining room searching for a lifeline. J-Hope was looking at his favorite girl group's dance video. Jungkook and Jimin were in their room. Namjoon walks in just then and inspects the situation. He saw that V was in danger so walked over to Jin and whispered something in his ear. Jin's shoulders relaxed and a little of the fury left his face. V silently thanked the leader for whatever he said. Jin looks at V and walks over to him. V can hardly react before Jin grabs his ear like a child. "Do you realize the ruckus you made? How do you think we all felt when you didn't come home last night?!!" Jin twists V's ear. "Owww!! Hyung that really hurts." V pouted. J-Hope laughs at the scene. "Oh you've really done it now." "Yah!! So where were you last night?" Jin tried to look into V's eyes. "Hmmmm....". V can't help as his eyes avoids Jin's guiltily. "He was doing something for me!! " Both Jin and V look at the maknae who just walked in from the upstairs bedrooms. Jimin appeared behind him. "Don't hurt him hyung... He was just helping me out." Suga whose been dozing off from watching them finally speaks up. "Jin can you just get this rant over with so I can get some sleep." He yawned. Jin rolled his eyes but looses his hold on V's ear. He doesn't buy Jungkook's story for a second but he's been away from the kitchen for too long. He gives V one more look before leaving to go check on breakfast. Suga falls on the couch and closes his eyes. Seeing that the entertainment was over, J-Hope returned to his video. Namjoon followed Jin in the kitchen. Jimin had left to clean-up.
V collapses on the ground holding his ear. Jungkook runs over to him. "Are you okay? Let me see hyung!!" V can't help but smile at the boy's concern. "Ahh this is all my fault." Jungkook mutters as he caresses V's ear. V can't help but shudder at the younger's touch. He can't be feeling like this. V pulls away. "Its okay!! I deserved it." he chuckled. "Don't blame yourself." Jungkook smiled and hugged him. "Hyung you're the best!! That's why I like you. But you know..." he got a nervous look. V nodded and tried to put on his most realistic smile. "I know what you mean... Don't worry I'm fine now." Jungkook is still stroking his ear. He looks at V with a sneaky grin. "Oh really?" He pinches the ear and V yelps. "Yah!! Fine it may still hurt just a tiny bit." V admits. Jungkook laughs at him and and V grabs him and puts him in a headlock. "Who are you laughing at huh?" V whispers in the maknae's ear. Jungkook grabs V's arm trying to loosen the grip. V laughs at his attempts. "Okay..okay!!" Jungkook laughs. "I'm sorry for laughing." V lets him go reluctantly. Jungkook breaths are heavy know but he immediately jumps up as if he just thougjt of something. "You know what hyung? We should go out!! Jimin and I-" Jungkook is cut off as Jimin attacks him from behind, back hugging him. "Hey beautiful... You making plans without me?" Jimin pouted as he Nuzzled Jungkook's neck. V immediately felt awkward and wanted to disappear. Jungkook rolls his eyes but smiles. "Of course not.. Its not like I have a life away from you." Jimin looks at him but smiles when he sees the playful smile on his face. "Aiiishhh you're so plaulyful. That's why I love you my kookie." Jimin pecks Jungkook's cheek and heads to the dining. The sight makes V stomach turn. He walks past V. "What up dongsaeng? Heard you got in trouble." he said laughing. V resisted the urge to speak sarcastically. " always right?" Jimin laughs as he disappears in the other room. Jungkook scratched his head nervously. "Yeah...sorry about that. He can be like that sometimes." The smile before returned. "But hey like I was saying, Jimin and I are going to this amusement park. It was supposed to be just the two of us but I want you to come too." V shakes his head in disbelief. "Why me? It sounds like a couple thing.." Jungkook walks closer to V and leans in close to V's lips. "Yeah but I want you to come. Jimin gets boring sometimes even if he is my boyfriend." V was lost in Jungkook lips and hadn't heard a thing he said. " bad could it be?" he mumbled not really paying attention. Jungkook leaves V's personal space and it's like a trance is broken. "Cool!! This is gonna be awesome!!" He hugs V and nuzzles his face in his neck. V holds his breath and doesn't move. He can't do this. His feelings cannot be accepted. Jungkook doesn't let go and V feels like he's going to pass out if he doesn't breathe soon. "HEY GUYS!!! ITS TIME FOR BREAKFAST!! GET IN HERE!!" Jin's voice is clearly heard throughout the dorm and Jungkook raises his head from V's neck. "Mmmmm I'm starving!!! Let's go eat hyung!!!" He runs off to the dining room. V finally takes a breath and and tries to clear his brain from all the inappropriate thoughts that were in his mind. He follows Jungkook in the dining room. Meanwhile, a drowsy grandpa just witnessed all that had just happened between his two dongsaengs.
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