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I didn't even know YouTube did this!!! But apparently YouTube recently released its list of the 10 most-viewed Kpop music videos that were uploaded in 2015. *The list includes videos uploaded between November of last year to November of this year!!*

10. EXO- Love Me Right

9. BIGBANG- Sober

8. miss A- Only You

7. 4Minute- Crazy

6. BIGBANG- Let's Not Fall In Love

5. Girl's Generation- Party

4. BIGBANG- Bae Bae

3. EXO- Call Me Baby

2. BIGBANG- Loser

1. BIGBANG- Bang Bang Bang

Are you surprised by the results? Do you think a MV was left out? Share your thoughts below!!!!
Big Bang and Exo don't surprise me at all.
Big Bang had quite a year in 2015. Every song in the MADE series topped the music charts, but there were still some that didn't know why they got so much face time on the MAMA Awards. It's like the old saying goes, "the people want what they want". Of course the producers are going to use their popularity to increase ratings.
Big bang makes up half of this list lol