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Hey there- I am here to talk about Black Rock Shooter- the girl, not the song, but yeah the song is really good too =3 Okay so tonight I was feeling pretty down for the millionth time in my life which led me on a quest to find an anime that I could relate to. I was looking for an anime maybe with the main character having depression or something like that, and when I searched around for something similar, this popped up ^^ But before you lose all hope on this anime, don't let what I just said misguide you, no, it's not clear if the main character has depression or not. But throughout the series, you can tell the main character is caught up in her emotions. Allow me to explain in more detail~
This is Mato, the main character of the story. She's a middle schooler who finds herself in many situations that end up crushing her emotions. She often feels a bit helpless and not valuable. But how does this relate to the wonderful, dazzling, amazing Black Rock Shooter? Well for starters, Mato is Black Rock Shooter. Yes, they are the same. Black Rock Shooter is, from what I can tell so far, basically Mato from almost another universe. In Black Rock Shooter's universe, she's fighting (and fighting epically!), killing and seeking justice. In Mato's universe, she's struggling to stay afloat and not let her feelings get the best of her.
Technically, both sides of her are trying to reach one common goal. Even though they are one in the same, it's like they work together to stop pain in its tracks. I haven't seen the whole anime yet so I might not be too accurate on that, but that is what I have gathered. But oh... you should see the epic fight scenes!
They're even more amazing when not in gif format! Black Shooter is just an amazingly epic fighter... If I ever had a homosexual fictional crush, I'm gonna go with this girl xD
Whether it's Mato or Black Rock Shooter, both have more depth than how they appear. Black Rock Shooter might at first appear to be an individual who is a ruthless fighter, but in reality, she is just trying to fight for what she believes is best. And is that not like what Mato does? She's a great character and let me just say I love love LOVE her! So yeah, if you ever need a great anime to watch, this better be on your list. Literally I am always hooked after each episode. It's the only explanation for why I am typing this at 2 AM! =P And there's so much fanart out there of her... She's just an amazing and well thought up character! And is this the anime that I've been looking for? Definitely! Whether it truly revolves around depression or not, it's 5 stars. Black Rock Shooter reminds me of my imaginary world I once had (I may or may not still go there cx). I made up a character who was like another version of me, so I can relate. It might be why I love Black Rock Shooter in the first place, the character just seems so much like an “OC" I once had =3 Well that's it and thanks for reading!!! =D Arigatou!!!!!!!! c: