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Naruto's strongest jutsu.
okay, I got into a debate with a friend over which is Naruto's strongest jutsu. Obviously, my answer was his sexy and harem jutsu. And he doesn't understand why. he argues that Naruto's tailed beast bomb or Windstyle Rasen Shuriken is his strongest. I say his sexy and harem jutsu are the strongest because he was able to take out a special Jounin, one of the legendary Sannin, and even the Hokage when he was only 12 years old. I don't know anyone else who could have done that. So, who do you think is right?
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Jokes on naruto I'm immune to it
2 years agoReply
need I remind everyone, he has one that will work on the ladies too. Sasuke even help them out and response transformed into whole bunch of hot guy
2 years agoReply
and it even worked against the mother of all ninja (forgot her name) and gave them time to try and attack her
2 years agoReply
Well you got me there, since he took out high ranked ninja with them
2 years agoReply
lol ikr
a year agoReply