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Hello Vingle!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

I&U by Rei Yasuda

Rei Yasuda or Rachel Rodes is a J-Pop singer/actress born in North Carolina and to be honest you can tell by listening to the song. Her pronunciation is fluent not only in English but also in Japanese. The first clip is a speed up version of the actual song and I put it first because it's the version that caught my interest the most. It is faster and the beat is amazing.
This is the original version which is slower but Rachels voice is now on the spotlight and it sounds pretty damn good. Also to clear things up, this song is not from K-On, people have just been relating it to that anime because it has an actual song called "U&I".
Lastly, a Live performance to finish it off and she's gorgeous and sings beautifully~ The only thing that kinda bothers me is how she wants everyone to keep jumping haha Besides that, love her passion and voice!

Have you ever heard of this song or Rei Yasuda (Rachel Rodes)?

Close your eyes and listen~

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The live performance is great!
Nvm its season 2
oh so this was where the song was on haha which season of K on though