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According to Us Weekly, Victoria's Secret isn't renewing the 30-year-old Australian supermodel's $1 million contract as a brand representative. A source tells the magazine that Kerr "has a difficult reputation," which is why the lingerie company is easing her out of the "Angel" title. Model Miranda Kerr is accused of having a “difficult reputation," which is why the lingerie company may be easing her out of the Angel ranks, although a company official spoke glowingly about her professionalism. "They can still use her for catalogue, where she will get a day rate, but she doesn't have to be an Angel to do that," Us Weekly's source said. Ed Razek, chief marketing officer at Victoria's Secret, doesn't confirm or deny the news that Kerr is no longer officially among the Angels. He does, however, slam rumors of Kerr's diva behavior. "Miranda Kerr is one of the best models in the history of the business — and easily one of the most popular," Razek said in a statement to Just Jared. "She is also a consummate professional. Any rumors to the contrary are simply untrue." "We have no plans to stop working with her," Razek continued, adding that Kerr will still walk the runway in the 2013 show. cr:nydaily
oh No! are you crazy VS honchos??? she's like the hottest girl alive!
ooohh no! no no no! this can't be!