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So as you know BTS released their part two album and well.... basically.... THEY SLAYED!! So I just realized (Thanks to one of my friend) something from their song "Dead leaves"
And then I got all the feels... When I listen to BTS songs I usually imagine (in a way hope which is basically impossible any way) my bias is referring to me It's weird .. I don't know if I am the only one that does that.. Pretty sure I am the only one
So this part in the song where Tae is singing "meolli meolli" .. It sounds as if he's saying "Molly Molly" which sounds as if it is "Molly Molly kaji ma" which taking out the Korean 'm' word would be "Molly Molly Don't go" and it so happens that Molly is my name!!!
Omg omg omg omg !!!!! Yessss my initial reaction... And somehow I feel happy hearing this.. I know right, who wouldn't be? If only that was for real In case you didn't already realize Tae is my bias
Well this card was totally weird and cray cray.. ahhh vingle fam is not judgemental, right? Yeah I had to include that last gif cuz its soooooo cute