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Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong Who is the greatest oppa?! If you think it is Kim Hyun Joong (and you should because he is!) then show just how much you love him by joining our event for his birthday on June 6th!! Vingle’s Kim Hyun Joong fans are proud to be holding an exclusive event for all Kim Hyun Joong fans from all over the world. Remember if you love someone, then you should make sure to show it :) Details below ^^ Gift: Thanks to the Face Shop and Vingle, we have these great Kim Hyun Joong goods: KHJ calendars, Kim Hyun Joong postcard packs (8 cards), clear files, and memo books. Finally for the best supporter, vingle promised to give newly released "Kim Hyun Joong personal collection card set"!! Yay! How to get win? Promote Kim Hyun Joong by posting cards with Kim Hyun Joong related content by June 6th 23:59:59 KST. It can be fan art, fan fiction, pictures, letters, or fan videos whatever as far as it helps to promote our love. 1) Join and LIKE the Kim Hyun Joong Party ( 2) Click on the “Add a card” and upload your content. 3) Double check if you select a right language that you used in the card. (A lot of Spanish fans create a Spanish card and select English !!! Please! Not all people can read Spanish!) 4) Double check if there's “Kim Hyun Joong” in the party tag field. 5) If it is too much for you to create a card, simply like/clip what you like and leave comments on the cards to encourage participants! We will select some of encouragers too! IMPORTANT) Do not REMAKE this card unless you want to help us translate this card into different languages! We will announce the winners at noon on his birthday so be sure to check at Tips To be fair, via the help of vingle, we will select the winners based on the sum of number of likes, views, comments, clips and Facebook/Twitter shares from all your cards, which means the more cards you post, the more chances you have to win but no duplicate please! It will help to spread your cards through Facebook, Twitter, and all other Korean drama/K-pop related sites. For more tips use the link --> (
` happy birthday kin hyun joong
happy birthday
happy birthday
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