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BTS Gayo Track 9 was just released on V App. They're funny as always, but it got more curious than ever. Based on BTS Gayo Track 9, most voted BTS best 5 songs are: 1. I Need U 2. Tomorrow 3. Let Me Know 4. Miss Right 5. Cypher pt. 3 : Killer I love their songs, but my best 5 songs are different. So why don't we have a vote on our own!

Kpop vinglers, especially ARMYs, comment below your top 3 BTS songs. Just your personal preference, from all of their albums (including 화양연화 pt.2), both title and non-title doesn't matter!

I'm just curious if we will have a similar result to the one in Gayo Track 9. Just in case if you're confused on how to vote here's an example of mine: 1. Hold Me Tight 2. I Like It 3. RUN (damn that was hard to choose) Anyway, here's how it works... I will give 3 pts for your 1st choice, 2 pts for 2nd choice, and 1 pt for 3rd choice. Why top three? I just want varieties and i know it's hard to choose only one. Since it's already Sunday, Dec 13 2015 (KST) why not do this for the whole week.

From Dec 13th until Dec 20th 2015 (KST)

@VKookie47 @Dabaesaplayer hahah sorry i think i made it harder, but thank you~ @torchix @AnnieGoodman @MsLoyalHeart thank youuu ^^
1. N.O 2. No more dream 3. I need u @VKookie47 same I was like how how how, it took some time to choose
1. Just one day 2. We are bulletproof pt.2 3. Danger It's so hard to pick just 3 though!!
well when they recorded it they hadn't release pt2 yet so 1. just one day 2.bulletproof pt2 3.Dope
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