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It happens every time I try to show her Kpop...ughhhh it gets annoying lol. Thats why I'm glad I have you guys!!! :)
I totally understand I hate it when they do that. I only have my 2 year old niece and my little sister who understand me. (ps. my sister likes Taeyang and my 2 year old niece is obsessed with BTS. she is literally the youngest A.R.M.Y I know.)
My umma is like that. She's always like "Why do like that Korean crap? Why do they dress like that? Are they gay?" and if I show her some pictures, even AFTER I tell her their guys she'll say, "Wow, those are pretty girls." So yeah... I'm glad for Kpop friends to!
so true. They're like it's just a bunch of asian guys singing chinese songs and I'm just like please you dont know them so dont say anything
glad I have you too!! ^_^ yeah most of my friends and family can't tolerate it XP
right like she like all your korean boys and I just look at her like we are by a high way do you wanna be in a accident.
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