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I'm so mad at America right now!!!
this is soooooooo wrong!!
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They were probably too pretty to be true. But in any case, you shouldn't go around judging others by appearance. That's wrong and offensive, especially to women. I wouldn't want to be confused for a sex worker, that's embarrassing. I feel ashamed sometimes of this country..
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this is a bunch of bull shit, no wonder we can't many groups out here
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I am ashamed of my own country
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it was bc their manager didn't get them the performance visa and when asked their relationship with each other one of the staff said sisters and since they weren't blood related and prostitution is a huge problem they detained them while they cleared everything bc they only had their costumes packed in the suitcases they checked so they thought it was weird, US customs was doing their job, granted they could've sorted everything in a better way
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I'm so proud of my Country. although it may have inconvenienced the group customs did their job like pro's. they aren't all over social media ripping apart those girls or the company for not correctly doing their job. I would rather something like this happen than for them to look the other way and we have another attack. USA proud!
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