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Look at this Lil adorable gift Look at this face and tell me it's ugly That's right you can't
Look at these fecking amazingly adorable angels Tell me they're ugly Do it See? You can't
Well Would any of you believe that someone looked at this beautiful motherfucker and called him ugly? They told me to find a new bias
Like, bitch no
I'm gonna love this man forever
Anybody else agree with me? I'm so pissed right now how dare these haters I have no more room to put anymore memes but I think I've clearly expressed my feelings? BigBang is for life I will forever be a VIP *I totally used all of the pictures and GIFs I had on this one card. Worth it. And yes I know they're mostly all G-Dragon but you know what I was going going through a phase that just so happens to never end.
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G Dragon is the most beautiful creature in the world!