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what anime?
so my teacher asked an odd question today. my friends and I were discussing an anime and she over heard us and asked us to find an anime to watch in class. it will only be 1 maybe 2 episodes. does anyone have any suggestions for a school appropriate anime that a general non anime fan audience might like?
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ok, @camman012 , then Noragami or Sword Art online would work the best, I think. I still lean towards Noragami, cause the time skips in SAO were confusing to me, and I just like Noragami :)
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Megazone 23. Holy crap why did I not think of it sooner.... It's the basis for the idea behind the Matrix movies and is like 4 OVAs long
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naruto. one piece. durararaa.
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let the class take a feel trip with Kokoro Connect
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