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So, the other day at work we had a little mishap with the lights. The washer was rocking really hard due to being unbalanced and all the lights in the building were flickering like crazy. Well my co-worker aka long time friend and I couldn't help but think of Supernatural. Supernatural is just amazing. Plus my babes Dean and Cas. Anywho, we knew that it was truly either a demon or an angel coming to visit us before the Apocalypse.
Our first thoughts were that it was either the Almighty, Beautiful Castiel, an angel of the Lord, or...
Ol' Lucy, himself. Personally I'd rather have an angel on my side, but Lucifer sure is entertaining.
They were obviously trying to make contact with us, but I think the children scared them away. maybe next time. So instead of freaking out like Dean when he had that Ghost Sickness...
Keep Calm and Stay Inside the Salt Circle! @shannonl5 @LAVONYORK
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@danidee RIGHT!!! And it tastes good... Lol
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XD I'm glad you survived. TBH I've been sure my laundry room is haunted forever because there's this weird whistling noise that's coming from nowhere and I've just kind of accepted it
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Lol. @shannonl5 they say that the daycare that I'm working at is haunted. A couple kids claim to have seen a monster here in the dark and I'm over here like "Where?! I want to see!" lol
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