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The Power of Women.
Goku: So, Vegeta...admit that Bulma got some good sugar walls. Vegeta (blushes): I will do no such thing Kakarot!!!!!! Goku: Come on Vegeta. I know you go balls deep in those wall. Busting all kinds of nuts. That's why you never just can't get enough. Vegeta (sighs): You can be a pain in the ass...but you're right about that Kakarot. Her walls are elite...I bust all kinds of nuts with seconds. Goku: That's good...that's very good. Now go to Bulma and bust some nuts!!!!!! Vegeta: YEEEEEEAAAAAAAH!!!!!!
I have no idea what I was reading about.......walls??
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another word for vagina. Go on youtube on search up hodgetwins.
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I cannot see goku saying that
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