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So I'm not sure if this has been discussed or said but...


How did this happen?!

As you can see Jin's fingers are wrapped up like why you hurt

(At least he is more focused on the food lol)

And here you can see both Rap Mon and Jin all wrapped up

This makes me so sad

I hate seeing these adorable bunnies all hurt and injured like this, it kills my soul!

So I don't know if anyone has heard about how it happened or if they will be alright so if you have...


Get better soon and we love you! Fighting!

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1. that GIF you started with had me dead 2. Jin was playing too rough with Tae 3. RM has just one or two fingers hurt. he wrapped up his whole hand to it'll heal faster. as far as I know. no one has said how he hurt it. I wouldn't be surprised if it was while pushing himself to learn a dance move
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@CrystalBlunt That's why I love Eunkwang & I hope they heal soon bc it's hard to not use your fingers in everyday life.
2 years ago·Reply
@kelseyblair he makes the best faces. and ya. especially in their dances
2 years ago·Reply
@CrystalBlunt Oh definitely and he's still handsome haha
2 years ago·Reply
@kelseyblair of course
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