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ok, so I need more anime and kpop because I love them❤❤❤ and I am always watching them so I run out of content to watch so so so. Write in the comment if you have any suggestions. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and thankssssssssssss
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what kind of anime/groups do you like?
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hi JustinaNguyen I like action I know it's weird to say because I am girl and vampire sometime romantic
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Here are a few action anime that I liked: Deadman wonderland, Speed grapher, Btoom, Berserk Romance: maid sama, pet girl at sakurasou, toradora, ouran high school host club (I think I have a thing for high school romance anime...) I don't know what kpop groups you're into but my favorites are bts, got7, bap, block b, exo, seventeen, shinee, infinite, day6, and yg artists (bb, winner, ikon, etc). The only girl groups I listen to regularly are red velvet, snsd, 2nei, sistar, fx, and twice
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Thanks a lot 😊
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