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Lindsay stopped by "Late Show With David Letterman" Tuesday night to promote "Scary Movie 5," but mere seconds after she sat down, Letterman jumped in to quiz the star on her upcoming trip to rehab. Instead of answering most of Letterman’s direct and rapid-fire questions, LiLo – who will enter a rehabilitation center for 90 days on May 2 as part of a plea deal to avoid jail for a misdemeanor traffic accident – did what LiLo does best: make sarcastic comments, roll her eyes, and good-naturedly flirt with the host. When Letterman asked how many times she's been in rehab, Lohan, wearing a floral dress and a messy-chic up-do, merely quipped, “several.” Asked what she was “rehabbing” for, the actress, whose film opens Friday, smirked at the audience before dodging the question, saying, “We didn’t discuss this in the pre-interview.” Another question was answered with the quip, "Now you sound like Dr. Phil." cr;yomg
Nope, I'm sorry but she's been given too many chances
do you guys think it'll work this time?
You need to enjoy your blessing lindsay for like a year or two