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Kamisama Hajimemashita

I'm not even going to dance around it... I LOVE THIS ANIME Out of all the anime I've finished watching recently this one is at the top of my list. Why you might ask? It's funny, cute & endearing af *sparkles in my eyeballs* For me it is very refreshing somehow. I feel like I'm a teenager again when I watched this. It is a feel good feels kinda anime. I'm all giddy and stuff. *more sparkles and now hearts too* Season 3 I'm longing for you now *sigh I'll be patient... who am I kidding... I started reading the manga immediately afterwards and now I'm all caught up. Just waiting on the ever so appreciated translations meow. The struggle could not be more real. *teardrop It just gets so much deeper, richer, and develops into an interesting and quite the enchanting story. With love anything is possible right?
But anyway, I was going to give a brief synopsis but I don't have confidence to compose a sentence without possibly spewing spoilers against my better judgement. To save us all from that treachery: Go ahead, get going and watch it. See for yourself. Till next time ♡
I don't know if you like anime much @allobaber but this looks like exactly the kind of thing you'd like
Yesssss, I especially loved when Nanami was battling the spider and Mizuki intended on playing heroically in a pivotal moment then, "wheeze" *smack "ahhhhhh" haha @BraydenSaxon
The flute scene at the end of season one is one of my all time favorite anime moments