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Could Meliodas Be The Strongest Anime Character Ever?
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yea I agree with that @BraydenSaxon
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I wouldn't say less from issei but take this in mind meliodas is a demon and also he has 2 powerfull abilities like full counter and vanish oh and also about meliodas demon form he could use those abilities as long as regeneration but this dosent mean that meliodas is the strongest just one of them and also please dont underestimate the abilities of a character
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@JohnKurusaki yeah but issei is a devil and a dragon emperor.... He has lots of devil powers at the end too, I just mentioned his dragon abilities earlier. Issei eventually gets to a point where his only weakness is his love of boobs lol. Meliodas is one of those characters that I would place in the 2nd tier
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Saitama is the strongest
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This is cool, but was there a reason it was shared to Marvel? It seems like only anime fans would understand this
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