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Sakura vs Musubi

Alright who do you think would win. Both girls are experts at hand to hand combat.
First up is Sakura.
Her strength is said to possibly surpass that of the fifth hokage, her master.
With her perfect chakra control she is the second person ever to master the strength of a hundred seal a technique passed down to her by lady Tsunade.
Next up is Musubi.
She trains hard for the sake of her ashikabi.
Musubi is a fist type sekirei so she specializes in close range fighting.
her powerful punch is enough to knock down the toughest enemy.
And she'll fight to the very end.
Who do you think would win.
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i mean guys come on now sakura would win because as soon as she is losing she would call for naruto and sasuke duh....
@MacielMorales best answer XD
Mususbi hands down
Musubi because of her huge tits Sakura would get depressed and quit lol
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