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it warms my heart to hear that other would support Markson if they came out and said they were real. i mean if they weren't just a fandom couple..a real couple..its so nice to see that people would support them.. *happy face*
As fans, we are supposed to love our idols no matter what. Because they do just about EVERYTHING for us. The least we can do is show our support and love for them ❀️☺️😍
It's sad cause I feel like if they were a real couple (applies to all idol couples) a major reason they wouldn't come out besides Korea's standing on same sex relations, is also how the fans would react. It's sad they don't know that a majority of them would still support them no matter what. Because their relationship isn't what defines them and it's also not why we love them. we love them for who they are. That's how a real fan thinks.
yeh i agree..if they are..real..i kinda hope they come out and dont hide it because if korea lets them do all this fanservice then whats the problem with really coming out. .. i support Markson 100% and if they are real i want them to know that they can come out because even if there are people who dont support it . there are still a majority of people who would..they always say to see the positive side of things and i wish they would do the same..but if they are straight thats also fine..but yeh #marksonforever..