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You were leaving home to go to school when you notice a few guys surrounding your home acting oddly suspicious. "Um...I think I'll go back inside." But then one of them spotted you and introduced himself as someone that needs to talk to your parents. "Ugh...they can't be hear for what something two years ago. Maybe not." You usher the man in and call your parents to meet him. Your parents look at you and then back at the man. "Hi I heard you're daughter excelled in the Korean language and we discovered she said was a Bangtan Boys fan." My head was spinning. These people researched me? What was happening here? " that not typically normal or something," my dad says. "Well no but she's the right candidate to fill in for the manager position for BTS. We're currently having trouble finding a manager who is good and can teach them English. We have all her tuition fees for college covered. Don't worry. Now may we take her." "Y/N it's your decision. You're old enough." " Mom. Dad. I think I'm going." I just couldn't let this moment pass me now. A manager. " I ended up packing my bags for the trip of a lifetime. A few days later: I'm finally meeting the boys this is so exciting. Would I finally meet my soul mate? Now it's up to you choose who you meet first.
7 Hope you guys enjoy. Inspired by: @Emealia @Helixx @thePinkPrincess @KwonOfAKind
haha no I like water so I pick 7 so what is 7 anyone? (I'm scared)
@thePinkPrincess Thanks for tagging people! :)
I love all the pictures! They are very beautiful but I will have to eliminate some unfortunately. 1 and 3 is out because where I live, we have natural trails and a beach...even though they are not as beautiful to see. 4 is out because I don't do well in the cold. For 5 and 6, I may have a higher chance of seeing something like that here. lol I'm left with 2 and 7 being that I know I will never see that kind of scenery here. Now which to choose??? Iniey meenie miney moe... I choose #2! 馃槃
Can I pick all?
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