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(Why am I so impressed with that title I came up with? I am usually terrible at coming up with titles and they usually come out cheesy and stupid, but I really like this one. also this was a request given by one of my Wattpad followers. If you have a wattpad, feel free to follow me at PullUpOnYouWacks. And follow Suga_Monsta (That wattpad belongs to my partner in crime @Bitterlimelight) we also have a joint account called 0Kookie_Monsta0, so you can follow that too....if you want. I don't wanna pressure you know what, I'm gonna go now.)
-Dude!! Open the door!! I am freezing my butt off out here.- I get a text from my best friend, Changkyun as I finish putting my hair in a messy bun. I laugh and decide to tease him; taking my time to get up and walk to the living room. Changkyun and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. We did everything with each other. He was always there for me when I needed someone. So....I kinda sorta developed a crush for my best that bad? I know, extremely cliché. Don't judge me!! I finally reach the door and decide to let him freeze a little more; just for fun. My phone beeps. I unlock it and go to Kakaotalk. -That's it! I have hypothermia. I'm gonna die on your doorstep.- I laugh to myself at his dramatic text. I open the door to see Changkyun standing there, shaking slightly. "Took you long enough. I thought I was gonna die out here." He says, his teeth chattering. He looked adorable in his oversized winter coat and black beanie with red puff ball on it. His hands were swaddled in thick red gloves and he had snow ALL over him. Even in his thick eyelashes. "Come on in, Marilyn Monroe. Sorry to keep you waiting, madam." I act snooty and apologetic but I could barely holding my laughter. He might look adorable but the guy had to waddle to walk in all the clothes he was wearing. "Whatever." He mutters, walking in. He shook off the snow that caked on his winter boots in the atrium by the door and started to take them off. He unzipped his jacket and slid it off, hanging it on the coat rack. He slipped off his hat and ruffled his hair, messing it up perfectly. He slipped off his gloves and rubbed his hands together. "Wooh!! Now, I can move like a human being, not a constipated penguin." He smiles. I shake my head at him and looked at his face. I noticed a pink glow in them. He must still be cold. "Are you still cold?" I ask. "Uhh....kinda." he chuckles. "I can make some cocoa... I can add those cute little marshmallows you like." His face glowed. "Yeah! Let's do it!!" He ran to the kitchen and I followed; laughing at his childishness. CHANGYUN'S POV: I decided to pay Maeri a visit. I haven't seen her in a day or two and I started to miss her....okay, I know a day isn't that long but when you're used to doing everything with a person, it takes a toll on you. And...I may or may not have a big, Huge, GIGANTIC crush on her......anyway....... I finally arrived at her door and knocked softly, getting even more cold. The snow was really coming down. I waited and waited. I decided to text her. I took out my phone and tried to unlock the screen; my gloved fingers making it difficult. After finally succeeding to unlock my screen, I opened Kakao and typed a message. I sent it and waited for an answer. I texted her again; my fingers going numb from the cold. 'Where is she?' I thought. And as if summoned by the heavenly gods, she opened the door. The sight of her kind of took my breath away. She looked stunning....even in sweatpants, a sweatshirt, with a messy bun and no make up. I feel that...she looks best bare-faced. I love her natural beauty. But I had to play it cool. "Took you long enough. I thought I was going to die out here." I scolded her playfully. She looked at me with amusement in her eyes. "Come on in, Marilyn Monroe. Sorry to keep you waiting, madam." She replied; stepping aside. She tried to feign guilt but she was stifling giggles. "Whatever." I step inside, a blush making its way to my cheeks. I started taking off my winter clothes; leaving me in my socks, jeans, and t-shirt. I feel lighter. I smile. "Wooh!! Now, I can move like a human being, not a constipated penguin." I sigh. I knew my blush was still there because she looked at my face confused. "Are you still cold?" She asks. "Uhh....yeah." I lied. ""I can make some cocoa... I can add those cute little marshmallows you like." She suggests. I smile and nod. "Yeah!! Let's do it!!" I yell, running into the kitchen. I go to the cabinet and take out the cocoa powder. I take out two mugs and wait patiently for her like the obedient child I am not. She walks in and turn on the water; filling the kettle. She placed it on the stove and turned it on medium heat. Maeri then jumps up and sits on the counter; waiting for the kettle water to boil. We wait, her sitting, I'm standing with my back against the opposite counter, until the water starts bubbling. She jumped down in one swift movement and turned it off. She took the kettle off the stove and pours the water into each cup. She then scooped cocoa powder in each cup. I went to the pantry and got the mini marshmallows. I opened the bag and snuck a couple. "Yah!! What are you doing? Those are for the hot cocoa!!" She scolded me. I laughed and continued eating them. She finally snatched them from me and added them to the hot cocoa. She handed me my cup and I smiled. We both headed to the living and plopped on the couch in synchronization. "What ya wanna watch?" She asks. We both look at each other and a smile makes it way to both of our faces. "American Horror Story?" "American Horror Story." We both laughed at our twinning and she took the remote and went to Netflix. She pressed the fourth episode. We watched and sipped our hot cocoas. She finished hers and placed the empty mug on the table. She then placed her head on my chest. I gasped to myself, shocked but then I smiled. I wrapped my arms around her waist and joined my hands in front of her stomach. She snuggled into my chest to get comfortable and we continued watching the show. I loved this. I loved her...... "Maeri?" "Hmm?" She "Can I tell you something....?" I sighed, nervously. YOUR POV: I felt his heartbeat speed. I wonder if he is okay. I sit up and turn to look at him. "What is it?" I ask, searching his face. He looked uncomfortable and uneasy. "Its....just...I-I...." he stutters, gulping. I couldn't help feeling sorry for him. I wonder what he wanted to tell me. My gaze kept falling; as he kept licking his lips. I bit mine and looked back up into his eyes. "Just say it...." I whisper, a small blush making its way to his cheeks at my voice. "No...I wont." He says, looking me in the eye. "Why not?" I ask, sadly. "Because...I'd rather show you." He says, placing his right hand gingerly on my cheek and wrapping his left arm around my waist. He pulled me in a kissed me gently on the lips. I was shocked but.....felt like I should've been here a long time ago. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kisses back. He pulled me closer and I sat on his lap. We jumped apart at the sound of screaming in the background. We both laughed and looked up at each other; he bit his lip. "What I wanted to say was.....I love you, Maeri." He smiled, shyly. "Well guess what...." he looks up at me shocked. "W-what?" He asks, uneasily. "I love you too, ya ding dong." I laughed, ruffling his hair. He smiled up at me and a small blush played at his cheeks. "That's good....really good." He adds, awkwardly. "You have no more swag left, do you?" I ask, giggling. "Yeah! It's gone!!" He laughs with me.
(Hope you like this!!! I tried hard!! Did you notice my little SHINee pun up there? Ding dong? Ring ding dong???......No?!?! Okay........I will leave now. Until next imagine, my beautiful people.)
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