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Tae's lips were so softly pushed onto yours you couldn't even breathe, but you didn't care. Kissing him was everything that you had ever imagined. You opened your eyes to see his face while he kissed you, only to notice he had tears on his cheeks.
You pulled away from him and asked, "Tae, what's wrong?"
"Nothing," he said, "I just am happy. I haven't had this feeling in my heart before tonight."
He pulls your hand to his chest, and you could feel his heart beat thumping rapidly.
You grinned. You couldn't believe this was real, that all your dreams were coming true.
"Y/N!!!! Where are you!?" You heard Derryck yell from where ever he was. You didn't want him to find you, you wanted to stay there with Tae for as long as possible.
"Looks like we should get back," Tae jokingly grinned, "wouldn't want your friend getting mad at me" You agreed, "DERRYCK!! I'm over here!" You both ran hand in hand looking for your friend. Tae was much faster than you, so he was basically pulling you along side him.
Tae looked at you while running, noticing you were losing breathe, and with no hesitation picked you up and carried you to the groups back room.
"You guys finally came back," Jin said, "I was starting to get worried you had gotten lost."
Jimin: "Nah, I'm sure they were just having some fun," he winked at you two making sure the other members didn't see.
You looked down avoiding eye contact with anyone, but they could all see that you were blushing quite hard.
JK: "OH! Y/n we heard someone yelling for you so we invited him to come wait for youwithus, but when he seen us he kind of.......fainted a bit"
S: "Yeah that little buddy of yours took my sleeping spot."
You: "AISH! Where is he, I better make sure he's okay."
The group lead you to Derryck, and you sat next to the couch he was on, "Derryck wake up," you whispered. Derryck groaned, but slowly opened his eyes, "Y/n?"
You: "Yeah it's me, you okay,you fainted when the group asked you to come back here to wait for me." Derryck bolted up, "OH MY GOD Y/N WHERE WERE YOU!? THEY MANAGER TOLD ME THE GROUP LET YOU BACK HERE WHAT'S GOING ON!?"
You started to explain what was happening, leaving out your romance with Tae. You weren't sure if he would be okay with you telling him. Suddenly, Tae entered the room, grabbing hold of your hand. He obviously was okay with people knowing of your romance.
You: "Tae I have to ask, what is this? Why did you kiss me that way?" Derryck leaves the room sensing this is a conversation needed to be had in private.Tae: "Heeh well as far as what this is, that's up to you.I just know that when I seen you today I knew I wanted to be with you. No. I needed it." You: "Tae," your eyes begin to water with joy, "I can't believe this"You were so happy you hugged Tae tightly and kissed his cheek. He hugged back kissing you on your forehead. The other members walk in on your love scene.Jin: "Hey! Cut that out there are children present!"Tae: "Aishhh hyung it's okay he was going to see it one day!"JK: "See what!? What's going on guys??"RM: "V you shouldn't be leading this girl on, we have to go back to Korea soon."You:"oh that's right," you suddenly realize this romance has a timer on it, "Tae what will you do when you go back to Korea?"Jimin: "Why doesn't y/n just come with us?"The whole room drops into silence and Tae looks at you with worried eyes. Derryck is in so much shock at the suggestion that he just locks himself into the bathroom.
Tae: "Y-y/n..."
You: "Yes..." the group starts to lean in closer anticipating your answer.
Tae: "Is there anything that is keeping you here...?"
Thoughts of your family, and friends start flooding your memory. Your dogs back at home, and the moment you first brought them home is all you could think of. Your mom making breakfast for you everyday, your dad helping you with your studies all of the time, let alone Derryck always being there for you. You knew you had so much keeping you here in the states, but you also knew that this feeling you had with Tae was too real to let go of.
S: "For god sakes woman will you answer the question already," he says fully awake and interested in your conversation.
You: "Tae...of course I-"
Your silenced by his lips against yours, the members got uncomfortable and turned away. Jin of course protecting JK's eyes from the scene. Tae finally pulled away from you.
Tae: "Before you finish that sentence think about this feeling you have in your heart when we kiss. I know you feel it. I see it in your eyes.
You: "Tae I do feel it. I felt it when you merely touched my hands."
Tae: "Then answer my question now, with those feelings in mind" You: "Tae-tae-" Tae: "Shh, just answer me please," his hand pressed against your cheek."
You: "Tae I do have things keeping me here"
You see his heart break before you. You notice his eyes welling up with tears, before you could say anything you were grabbed my someone from behind.
RM:"I knew you would hurt him, and it hasn't even been 24 hours"
You: "WAIT! Tae asked me if I had anything keeping me here, I cannot lie to him. I have family here, my dogs are here, my friends...." Your voice stars to break.
You know you could not leave all of that behind, but you didn't want to lose Tae. As you spoke Tae rose from the ground and wiped away his tears, J-hope had hugged him to give him some comfort. You humiliated him, in front of the other members. Where was Derryck when you needed him now. You felt their eyes pierce at you, you couldn't move or speak even though you knew exactly what you were going to say.
Then out from the corner you hear JK and Jimin speaking quietly
JK: "You're right, tell Hope-hyung."
Jimin walks over to Hope and whispers in his ear, he grins at you and begins to speak
JH: "Y/n you're a clever one you know that. Everyone relax I know what she's doing." He walks over to you kindly the groups gazes clear and they have a confused look among them.
JH: "V ask y/n if she wants to go to Korea with you." Tae: "She gave her answer already." He said with a sad tone.
JH: "Stop being stubborn and just ask her already." Tae: "Fine. Y/n," he grabs your hands one more time and looks deeply into your eyes," will you be willing to go to Korea with me?" You were shocked and you felt your heart pounding. You take a step towards Tae and you kiss him lightly. You pull away and stare back into Tae's eyes and start to tell him your answer.You: "Tae I think I can actually fall in love with you," his eyes start to shine, "so of course I will go to Korea with you."
I'm starting to get writers block ;-; but I hope you guys like chapter 3 :)
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