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http://dbz.therealstanlee.com/here-for-trunks I think this should be under a what the f**** from the internet but still had to show everyone. @RyanOgg @SamTheMallow @Nicolejb @shannonl5 and anyone else who wants to chime in, what do you think?
@nberry1620 coulda been a good movie but they tried to make it it's own thing
word.. gotcha.. my main issue with the movie was the casting primarily. But I had many other issues with it, but luckily I only watched it once, got pissed off, and happily forgot about damn near the entire thing and moved on with my life. ^_^
@nberry1620 I liked the movie but felt it was too far off from the series so I was disappointed with that
@nberry1620 I meant the movie, watching the Grinch with the family so I haven't seen the trailer or anyting for the series yet
really? :/ That blows... I enjoyed the pilots and figured it would be pretty cool. But like I said, I haven't even thought about it in months so haven't seen anything more about it.
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