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why in the hell does Leo look so freaking good.!!! it's like damn.!!! my goodness.!! wow.!! (灬♥ω♥灬)
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OMG. he looked so freaking sexy with long hair.!!!! I loved it so much. I haven't had Leo as a background for about 4-5 months. and I had him as my background all through beautiful liar promotions.!! BAP made a comeback so it's been Yongguk ever since. :) @CrystalBlunt
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I changed mine today. I went with a twins theme. bang twins for home screen. Jo twins for losckscreen
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he's looking like I wish thus girl would mess up my hair I'll get her fired in a heart beat lol
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he just has the perfect poker face. it can makes things funny. serious. awkward. and everything in between . haha. @jgallegos222
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I ask the same question everyday. *^* He always looks so good.
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