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Shinkansen is the famous bullet train in Japan. It takes about 1.5hrs from Osaka to Tokyo. The ticket is crazily expensive. One-way trip costs more than $100 bucks. Unless you're in a hurry don't take the train. Night bus is cheaper but still costs around $50 for one-way and they're not very comfortable. I just want to have a one-time experience but when I come back I will take the night bus.
@thewanderer lol i'm pretty sure he knew where he was going, unlike me, i was a bit lost finding the right train when i took this pic haha
Oh, my. I bet it was so cool to ride it.
that man in your pic looks confused. did you help him? haha..
highly recommend going to japan during spring or fall. That's the best time to go to any country i think haha. but even tho i already been there i had to look up places and do some research. traveling can be very tiring T_T
How was it? Going to Japan is in my wish list! Have fun!