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Hey guys. Just incase anybody didn't know, every season is when the new series of anime comes out, whether it be original work, or stuff based off of light novels or manga. So being that the winter 2016 anime season is just around the corner.. I thought I'd show you guys some stuff you would hopefully like.
1. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar This is a pretty interesting one. Based off a light novel that i am currently enjoying. Has a sword art online feel to it, especially since it's made by the same studio. Basically a select few wake up inside a dark chamber which eventually leads out to this unknown rpg style world. It is due to come out January 11th.
2. Divine Gate Can't tell you too much about this one since the pv doesn't tell you much. All I can say is it is an anime based off a popular video in Japan and is gonna be made by the same studio that produced naruto. It is due to come out on January 8th.
3. Fairy Tail Zero Sorry guys no video has been released yet for this particular upcoming anime. As you can tell it's gonna be based off the manga fairy tail zero which is basically about Mabel and her origin story. Although it is definently coming out early January, there is no specific due date yet.
4. Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut The pv doesn't exactly show much, but I can not express how much I like this series. I'm up to date on the manga and even started reading the light novel because I couldn't keep waiting. It's basically a battle Academy based on battle suits and the Mc is incredibly op. He also has a pretty big secret. Make sure to look out for this one. The first episode is coming out on Jan 11th.
5. Sword Art Online Movie Even though this one isn't coming out next season and in fact later in the year.. I still wanted to throw it in. Not much is known about this one except the fact that it is not a recap but Instead takes place after season 2. DO NOT MISTAKE THIS FOR SEASON 3.
If this gets enough attention I'll gladly post another one since there's actually a bunch more that I have yet to mention since it's very time consuming. Here's some darude flutestorm because why not. (the anime is Non Non Biyori btw).
arigato for the information
i am so happy
@TreverMoon looks like some pretty good anime coming up... Can't wait. Also Trever read all those captions don't skip them