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Hey guys this is Kalyan I wanted to tell you that I will publish or share any anime character wallpapers for you . You just need to tell me which one and let me know from the comments section below. I will share the best wallpaper every week on Fridays. And the ones you asked will be shared the next day or probably the same day. So don't wait let me know what character you want me to share!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until next time bye guys! THIS IS FOR A VINGLER CALLED @CoraBost
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Gray is that homie you always fight with but you would always stick up for him and protect him with your life
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I would rely like a Kimi ni Todoke wallpaper
2 years ago·Reply
I want Gungrave,Hellsing,Trigun,Speed Grapher,Cowboy Bebop,and Spawn! these are my top 6 favorites of all!!
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I want to request a Yamada-kun and the 7 witches wallpaper, there isn't enough art for that series in the world
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