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Alright Bunnies here we go! I'm finally done!! HOORAY SHE FINISHED AND DIDN'T DIE IN THE PROCESS!! (sorry) I really didn't think I'd get this done as my ideas weren't working and I had no idea what to do. I firmly believe @DeniseiaGardner made this challenge to torture me.. My writing process is kinda archaic so it took me two very long days to get it all down. Sorry for the wait.. ANYway let's move along, shall we? This is gonna be a lil different so bear with me, ok? In my story/game I'm givin' ya'll a lot of control. I'll give you the guidelines and you just have to follow them. Sounds easy right? Good! I tried to make the story as accommodating as possible to fit as many idol's personalities as possible. I hope it worked... Now then. Let's set up your story yea?..

Introducing the leading lady... YOU!

From here on you'll be referred to as {Y/N}. easy!
Now let's find out where the sparks started. Two choices for two different routes of love~ All you need to do is screenshot to find your path!!

Moving on to the good stuff! The Possible Leading Man in your life!!

You have three (3) choices here: The Quiet One, The Sexy One, The Rough One But Kelly there's no names?! I know I know bunnies and here's why. This is where I give you the power! Look back at the choices.. I'm almost positive an idol's name that you want already popped into your head.. am I right? Totally ok! Hold onto those cause they're your potential lovers!

*Now screenshot again to find out which one your lover is! ^^

The Rivals in Love Guys.

Time so see who's messing with your love story. Three (3) more to choose from, who's it gonna be: The Older One, The Younger One, The Good Friend Again the actual name and idol is completely up to you. Got those 3 new names? Good!

*Screenshot to see who'll be wrecking(?) your relationship. mwah hahaha!!!

JOKER CARD...additional

I know bunnies but it has to be done it's the rules. BUT there's still hope, I'll give you a chance to avoid the dreaded JOKER CARD.

*Screenshot to see if you land on a JOKER or a HEART card. The end of your story depends on what card you pulled!

Did you get a HEART? You'll follow the regular story. Did you get a JOKER? You'll follow the Joker Detour...

**Important!** If you HAVE landed on a JOKER you will need to pick one, I REPEAT ONE (1), additional idol that you didn't use earlier to join your story on the Joker Detour...

Well bunnies that's it.. nothing to pick or choose here cause all stories must come to an end.. or do they? You'll find out on the story cards that'll be posted later! If you want to post your picks and what route you'll be on I can tag you on the correct card later if you want me to. Sorry it was so long (stories are gonna be just as long probably) but THANKS for stickin' it out!!!
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