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Lee Min-ho gave this interview to Hanryupia (Japanese Magazine). The interview was conducted shortly after Faith ended last year. Lee Min Ho suddenly gained popularity in Boys Over Flowers, but even after that he was cast in the future blockbuster as a starring actor. Only 27 years old but yet he is so poised as if he was acting for a long time. “Thanks to Boys Over Flowers I had the opportunity to make many Asian fans. And because of it I believe they are giving me the starring role. I try to progress more after Boys Over Flowers and my fans look forward with anticipation. I don’t know what my charm is. I am still searching for it. While I was acting in Boys Over Flowers I played a character who is so spoiled. The City Hunter emphasizes loneliness. In Faith, it was about a man, that everyone wanted to rely on. By acting different roles I think this is the process of finding the charm. I don’t want to be fixed in a certain Image because that could make an actor’s career cut short. I am constantly trying to change my image.” Lee Min Ho who is steadily building up on his career as an actor has a goal he wants to achieve before he turns 30. “Two dramas (Faith and City Hunter) that I have appeared recently are heavy themes, mature roles than my actual age. So before I grow older I want to try on characters that are bright and light maybe who is in his early 20s. And also I want to try all kinds of characters. This is my goal before turning 30. I am sure these experiences will help my career when I am in my 30s.” credit:lmhworld
All Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy liiiiiiiiiiife lee min ho I die for you my love <3<3
good son, good father, good husband he say to marry at 30.
He is very passionate about his craft. A multi-talented actor. Keep it up LMH❤
yes minho, your the best! fighting! am looking forward for more!
Yes minho you can..your great actor..fighting
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