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Haven't been back since 4 years ago. I left Osaka yesterday. Lucky for me I have an awesome friend who is willing to host me even though she just moved to a new place~ It's so nice having friends all over the world! @YinofYang @neaa @cheerfulcallie @oj1992 (did I miss anyone else, let me know if I did!) if you ladies ever come to Seoul I will be your tour guide hehe.
wow ! tks soul.
♥♥♥Thanks, a lot sis! I'll hold you to that. Same goes for you, I will totally be your guide in Chicago.
can't we go to cambodia? :P
take me there too!
@soula81 @blairwitme Well, if we all somehow end up going to Cambodia, I'll be happy to be your tour guide since I can speak the language. (^_^)