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My first meal in Tokyo after years. I arrived around 6pm yesterday. My god it was hard to get wifi. But thank god some department stores has free wifi so I was able to contact my friend. My friend lives near Ikebukuro so we went to Harajuku which is about 10'-15' by subway. I love the alleys here. They are filled with cute shops and delicious-looking restaurants! A bit crowded though.
Udon carbonara? Now that is definitely some fusion food there. Looks delicious.
@soul : that egg yolk reminded me I must post my fave onsen egg.
hmm, not sure abt the raw egg though, ive never had raw egg in my food??? but either way that look really delish!! ill definitely try it...
Yes, we definitely should try it. I bet it's awesome.
wow it looks really yummy though !! >( Woul love to try it! make me hungry !