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@Jackie1617 - Super Junior is AWESOME! Never before has a kpop group made me smile and laugh more than they have! Kyuhyun is the youngest (until Henry came along) and get away with murder. He has, I think the best voice in all of SJ. Though they are all talented. Siwon is the gentleman of the group and also, I think makes the most money. He is a Christian and isn't afraid to talk about his faith. Donghae is very child like and often appears to not know what's going on. However I feel like half the time he does and just goes along with it bc his Hyung's like it. Especially the fans. Donghae and Eunhyuk seem to be the most shipped pair among the group. Eunhyuk also known as anchovy and monkey. He is the main rapper and main dancer. He is truly good at dancing. Growing up it was said he was ugly. but I never thought that. I always thought he was cute. Leeteuk is the "mom" of the group and also likes to talk alot. He had plastic surgery on his nose and denies it. He has already done his military service and his father died while in the middle of it. Kangin is the "dad" of the group. He's a bit rough around the edges and used to beat on the other members alot. But after he served his military time he stopped doing that. Ryeowook is the most girly member and won't even talk to most people unless he has make up on. He also likes to cook and has a very nice voice as well. Yesung is considered to have an odd image. He has a slightly larger head and small hands. Like really small. Him, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are all in a sub unit group called K.R.Y. They do mostly ballads. Shindong is the chubby but nice guy. He comes up with alot of choreograph for the songs. He is really funny but people say off camera he isn't. Not sure if that's true or not. He almost got married one time. But she left him bc he couldn't loose weight.... I think that's right. Heechul- You either love him or you hate to love him. Seriously you can't not like Heechul. He always speaks his mind, even when he shouldn't no matter the consequence. At one point he almost left SJ. He also has quite a temper. Though I think he is just a big softy to those close to him. HanKyung - Which I believe I just spelled his name wrong, Has not been part of SJ or SJ-M for quite sometime. He sued SME for being treated like a slave. Because he was Chinese alot of shows, would not allow him on air. So his appearances are limited. Sungmin is now married and currently doing his military service. He has the aegeo affect. No one does it better than him. He looks cute and cuddly but is really good with like martial arts. When it comes to women he has a very manly effect but with the guys, it's a bit different. He is just very respectful to his elders. Henry and ZhouMi are part of SJ-M which is there Chinese group. Many fans are against them being part of SJ. However they are not and sadly never will be. Henry is Chinese but grew up In Canada so he is practically American in my opinion. He can play the piano but excels at the violin. He has his own solo album and has recently begun to get into Variety shows more lately. ZhouMi always seems to have a smile on his face and I love it! He is also very kind and has his own solo album. You should watch his MV and see his abs! I was happily surprised he even had them! Okay that's SJ & SJ-M in a nutshell. Hope this helps. This group is amazing! lol sorry it's so long but there are alot of members. I hope I didn't leave anyone out.
@Detkan - Me too. I saw an instagram post where Donghae was sitting on Siwon lap and I'm just like :`) I miss these guys already. @hajELF - I've had those days too.
I miss Donghae and Siwon
@Princess2328 hhahah youtube and vingle are our saviors!
@Princess2328 awee really ...well if u could do it then i believe i can too! 😄
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