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100 Day Challenge: Day 19. Most Epic Scene. NARUTO SPOILERS AHEAD

Alright so for day 19 of this fine anime challenge you have to choose one of the most epic scenes from anime. Now some honorable mentions would be the final fight against the ant king in HxH, Kirito vs Heathcliff (Arena fight or boss room fight), many battle scenes from Naruto, Bleach, FMA, Fairy Tail, etc etc. But I have to say that for one of the most epic anime scenes that comes to mind when I think of that, it has to be the Naruto versus Pain fight in the crater at Konoha.
The specific scene I'm thinking of its just after Hinata saves Naruto from getting killed and then, after a series of blows, Hinata finally can't stand anymore and Pain stabs her. Once this sinks in, Naruto blows past any other point he's ever been at in the series, and lets seven and then eight tails loose, growing a bone structure at seven and a muscle tissue at eight tails, over the staticy mess of red that usually accompanies any tail before that. From this point on, Pain is pushed back and is eventually defeated. This fight was definitely a butt-clencher and a tear-jerker. It's also the fight where Hinata confesses to Naruto, which I've shipped since I first watched Naruto ten years ago. So, without further ado, more pictures!
I'd like to add that I don't own any of these pictures. Finally, what are your favorite epic scenes from anime? Please comment below, I'd love to see. (Spoiler alerts please?)
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