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So today in the states its officially the 22nd meaning its still currently Seungri's birthday.... but thats not what were here to talk about
well it is in a sense.....but the main focus here is
Round off check of all the Birthday Cakes Seungri has personally seen....GO!!
yes that looks good
mmmm yummy cake♡♡
okay I can really see this one but you tried tried lol
Yup there's the cake I know and love ♡♡
But back to the basics I feel like he enjoyed his birthday how are we going to top this next year lol
well I guess everything will be okay as long as we dont forget his candle lol
Which one of these cakes would you like to try the most?
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The one that would have chocolate over chocolate over chocolate.... And we don't know which cake has that so I will try them all