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I've been wanting to check them out for a while now. But November was like the month for like everyone of the groups I listen to to make a comeback and I got distracted. Well now I've finally listened to some of their songs. I love their song, My House. Hands Up is a good one too! I also may already have a bias!
I'm thinking its Wooyoung. Just from watching the MV for My House my eyes instantly went to him which was weird because I've heard of Nichkhun before and I've looked him up. I was for sure if I was going to have a bias it would be him but then theirs Wooyoung... Anyone want to suggest any good songs by them? Who's your bias? Also any groups that you really like that I should check out? (That is if I don't already know them.)
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@alohadaine Omg Adtoy was amazing!! Wooyoung looked so sexy!!!
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@ChaErica I know! ❤️ taec was hot
2 years ago·Reply
@alohadaine They all were! And the songs so good!!
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@ChaErica right! They're all sexy
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